Authoritarian Westerlo humiliates Lierse K. on its own Lisp in Kem...

Despite his 1 in 6 few changes at the authoritarian leader Westerlo, where Jonas De Roeck barely worked on one position. Out of necessity, then, because Léo Seydoux replaced the suspended Edisson Jordanov. More puzzling at Lierse, where a trio with Tibeau Swinnen, Hakim Abdallah and Yvan Yagan had to make way for Nils Schouterden, Guillaume De Schryver and Jens Naessens.

With a bonus of eight points, Westerlo wore the sash of the best of the Kempen beforehand with brio. But in their 90-minute chat, both teams were able to determine who could parade through the Kempen streets with their nose in the air in the coming weeks.

The match initially had its predicted course. Westerlo immediately took matters into their own hands after two games without a win, Lierse lived off a few counters. Maes quickly shot a beckoning opportunity far wide, on the other side De Cuyper then hit the wrong side of the post. On the half hour, the leader took the lead. It rolled all too easily onto the Lierse right flank, Foster ducked into the box for Poelmans and simply scored. The home team had to chase, but before the break they only got a ball into Stallone Limbombe’s side net.

Even before the hour the derby was in a final fold. Barely two minutes into that second period, De Cuyper was kind enough not to mercilessly punish Schuermans’ weak defense. Lierse struggled for a while with a faint header from Schuermans and a shot from De Schryver, before being completely cold in four minutes. Goalkeeper De Smet introduced the Pallieters’ swan song by letting an apparently faint shot from Daci slip through the gloves, minutes later Foster was given a free pass to make the final verdict with a dry bang in the short corner. It was over and out. The Lisp shrouded in silence and disappointment except for the Western fans.

In the last superfluous half hour, the referee trio provided some enthusiasm. First, Foster decorated a cheap penalty after an intervention by Schuermans. Bernat converted that penalty, but had to restart after Mabea dived into the big rectangle too quickly. Goalkeeper De Smet stopped the second eleven, but was also whistled back by the linesman, because he had left the goal line too quickly. On his third attempt, Bernat pushed even further. Abdallah took care of the 1-4 with an honor saver, before Seydoux recorded the final figures.

While Westerlo remains completely on the title track, it suddenly becomes frightened for Lierse after the recent remonte of Mouscron. And the Pallieters would do well to flush the Kempen hangover quickly. Coming weekend, a move to Mouscron awaits.

LIERSE K.: De Smet, Hendrickx, Schuermans, Poelmans, Schouterden (67′ Abdallah), Bitsindou, Van Acker, Stallone Limbombe, De Schryver (69′ Liongola), Maes, Naessens (69′ Yagan).

WESTERLO: Jensen, Seydoux, Seigers, Perdichizzi, Mabea (79′ Remmer), Van den Keybus (88′ Gütcekin), Van Eenoo, De Cuyper, Bernat (75′ Vetokele), Daci, Foster (79′ Vaesen).

GOAL: 30′ Foster 0-1, 56′ Daci 0-2, 60′ Foster 0-3, 74′ Bernat (penalty kick) 0-4, 78′ Abdallah 1-4, 85′ Seydoux 1-5.

YELLOW CARDS: 16′ Van Acker, 22′ Poelmans, 46′ Van den Keybus, 58′ Maes, 71′ Mabea, 72′ Abdallah, 84′ Vaesen.

RED CARDS: none.

REFEREE: Vermeire.

spectators: 6,500.

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