Authorities continue to search for missing migrants in the Gulf of Urabá

By air, sea and land, the authorities continue the search for the six disappeared migrants who were seeking to reach Panama through the Gulf of Urabá.

According to the authorities, there are six missing migrants in the area, three adults and three children, including an eight-month-old baby.

“A ship of the National Navy that is in the area has a radar that has the ability to detect on surfaces if there is something that may be floating,” said Juan Roso, admiral in charge of the search.

Meanwhile, in order to prevent another shipwreck from being registered by illegal boats, the mayor of Necoclí, Jorge Tobón, explained that operations in the Gulf have increased.

“They doubled efforts and security in the Gulf of Urabá, there are several Navy vessels located in the Gulf preventing ships from leaving at night with the coyotes,” he said.

The authorities invited the community to provide information that would make it possible to locate the people who were mobilizing together with the migrants, and the organization that was in charge of transporting them.


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