Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 mobile phone review.  When a jigsaw puzzle, with everything

Folding phones are still quite new and expensive, so you are unlucky to come across a piece of execution every day. This one has a damaged internal display but is otherwise functional. So let’s see how Samsung solved it inside.

Currently, the third generation of Fold is on sale, which is millimeters thinner than the dissected second, but mainly has increased IPX8 resistance, so it tolerates water better, but does not like to see dust. Z Fold 2 5G does not tolerate water and dust, especially due to the joint. Although the phone is not sealed, it is festively sealed, so exchanging anything is not without hot air, which I tried on my own.

If you don’t go from the forest

The basis for the autopsy to be convincing and fun is not to watch instructional videos. So I opened the phone and cut off the internal display with a foil. 1 This eventually succeeded with cutting the flex cable. 2 The right disassembly procedure starts from the outside, not from the inside, but since I can afford to be destructive, it’s not such a problem. The rest of the phone 3 I put it off for now (even in this state, the phone was still functional and worked without problems with the external display).

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