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The universe of Avatar, the James Cameron film, will arrive this year 2022 on mobile phones in the new video game Avatar: Reckoning, a multiplayer title that is set on the planet Pandora.

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Avatar: Reckoning will be a new massively multiplayer online video game (MMO, for its acronym in English) with shooting mechanics or ‘shooter’ that can be played from mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

This has been announced in a statement by its developer, the Archosaur Games studio, although the Chinese video game giant Tencent, Disney and Lightstorm Entertainment also participate in the project.

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The new video game will take players to “unseen parts of Pandora”, the planet where the 2009 film is set, populated by the blue Na’vi creatures, with new clans that will have to fight to protect their home.

As in the film, in the game the protagonists will face an army that will try to exploit the planet’s resources and will also encounter other alien creatures. Players can level up their character and customize it with different weapons.

Avatar: Reckoning embraces a gameplay format that includes both single-player narrative missions as well as cooperative and other player-versus-player modes. The studio has used the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine.

Avatar: Reckoning is the mobile MMORPG of the saga.  (Photo: Archosaur Games)
Avatar: Reckoning is the mobile MMORPG of the saga. (Photo: Archosaur Games)

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