Avenida Quinto Centenario: the "express of death"

Quinto Centenario Avenue, in Villa Juana, has become “the express of death”, according to residents, because in the few more than 30 years of its construction, more than 100 people have lost their lives impacted by vehicles that they move around the place.

It is that from the beginning there are problems such as those of the sewage system, which although it was improved in the last administration in a part of the road, but the problem remains in some of the courtyards of buildings where the water from the toilets gushes and floods fronts and patios.

The theft of the metal covers in the center and sides of the avenue causes vehicles to impact and explode the tires and on many occasions they are injured, sometimes with deaths and permanent injuries.

Laddy Cortorreal Estévez, president of “Villa Juana Unida en Acción”, explained that from the beginning of the project, its executor, the late Ramón Pérez Martínez (Macorís), was warned about the flaws in the design, but that he ignored it.

“That Fifth Centennial has brought so many problems, more than 120 deaths since it was inaugurated, terrible! We often call it the express of death, it is also a cultural problem because many people, in order not to turn around to the Metro stop, cross under the bridges and as it is a fast track, they are killed ”.

He explained that the storm drainage is so poor that since a little rain falls the road becomes unbearable in the traffic between Tunti Cáceres and Peña Batlle.

In some sections of the road, large puddles are formed, such as in the Fifth Centennial corner of the Republic of Paraguay, in front of the park and Televida, and sewage accumulates in the vicinity of Professor Amiama Gómez street.

Near this place there are several unevenness in the road that cause some drivers to lose control of their vehicles and end up in an accident. But there are also many scuppers without covers that affect the movement of vehicles.

Another problem that affects residents around Expreso Quinto Centenario avenue is the wave of robberies that constantly occur due to the absence of police patrols.

Cortorreal Estévez explains that there is part that cannot be walked from 6:00 in the afternoon because, according to he affirms, criminals from other neighborhoods are dedicated to intercepting passers-by to strip them of their belongings.

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