Averoff and Dimitriadis mentioned the working prospects of shipping

The blue, the green economy and the digital transformation are the three pillars with which we will take off our place and our prospects even more, said the President of DISY, Averof Neophytou, who visited the festival entitled “Live the Sea” on Saturday. “, Carried out by the Ministry of Shipping in Limassol. The competent Deputy Minister Vassilis Dimitriadis stated that the aim of the festival is to bring citizens and especially young people close to the sea and shipping.

In his statements, Mr. Neophytou referred to the job prospects offered in the shipping sector. “Our children do not go to study in shipping, they study everything else, at a time when the average salary in the shipping industry in our country is much higher than the good salaries of the public service. So it’s a gamble to send these messages. We want our young people to be oriented where there is a demand in the labor market. “Sterile and decent jobs at the same time,” he said characteristically.

As he said, “we are an island country with a strong shipping industry but even though we are an island with a strong shipping industry we do not have the island culture. “Our children do not go to water sports, they become hunters,” he said, referring to a “big bet”. “Blue economy, green economy and digital transformation are the three pillars that will take our place and our prospects even higher,” he added.

The Deputy Minister of Shipping, Vassilis Dimitriadis, also referred to the prospects of shipping. “For the first time we bring close to 40 organizations to let the world know the sea, shipping, to bring closer civil society, the new generation at sea, to shipping to get to know the blue economy, the opportunities, the prospects it offers the sea in our place. “Our shipping has all the prospects we saw last week. We came up with a new strategy with 35 motivated actions so that we can provide the condition in this sector to have resilience and competitiveness and a favorable future to offer to the local economy,” he said. Mr. Dimitriadis.

For his part, the Mayor of Limassol, Nikos Nikolaidis, referred to the timeless relationship of the sea with the city. “The sea is identified with Limassol, all these years the economy of Limassol with the social activity of Limassol, with the sports activity of Limassol has to do with the sea. “Limassol is the sea and the sea is Limassol” he said and referred to the issue of the blue economy which “comes to support to upgrade the economy of the city”.

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