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The most infections have been recorded in the aviation sector in the past two weeks. This is apparent from a fortnightly report from KU Leuven, which compares infections in the various sectors of society. Aviation also stands out very far above the other sectors.

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The figures in the report cover the period from December 28 to January 11. Using data from health center Sciensano, linked to data from social security and from the contact tracing, sectors can be compared with each other. The figures are viewed on the basis of the fourteen-day incidence, i.e. the number of infections per 100,000 people.

The aviation sector has an incidence of 5,860 cases, compared to an incidence of 2,933 cases in the entire working population. In relative terms, there are therefore about twice as many infections as in the entire working population. The working population also has an incidence almost twice as high as the general population (1,574).

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The hospitality industry has also seen a strong increase in the last two weeks, rising to an incidence of 3,142. Increases have also been recorded in other leisure sectors: this concerns the arts, sports and recreation sector and the retail sector.

“Christmas Effect”

“The increase in incidences in these sectors is in line with our expectations. We see a clear ‘Christmas effect’”, says professor of occupational medicine Lode Godderis (KU Leuven). “The sectors where teleworking is possible also have a large increase, which is rather surprising. This concerns, for example, financial sectors, the information and communication sector and real estate, advertising and accounting companies.”

Incidences in schools also remain high, despite the cooling off week that was planned for the Christmas holidays. The number is approximately at the same level as that of the working population. Nurseries also still have a high number of infections, as previous reports have shown.

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“If we want to guarantee continuity in business, it will be crucial to maintain measures such as teleworking. It is becoming important for companies to try to organize their planning well, and to prevent employee loss due to illness or quarantine as much as possible,” concludes Professor Godderis.

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