Axel Bauer reveals his illness and "rage" at Drucker

Turn off the light / Show me your dark side … Axel Bauer has been struck by a tumor. The artist has chosen to recount this ordeal in song, in his new album “Radio Londres”.

Axel Bauer is back with his seventh album baptized Radio London, available on May 6. In this new record, the singer evokes a tumor and disease through the words of his title It’s smart:The news fell this morning / And the tears flowed down your hands / There’s this foreign body, it’s clever / So far invincible, and yet / A rift in the earth that goes down / It trembles harder, still remains “. Asked by Le Parisian, Jim Bauer’s father, finalist candidate for The Voice, confided sfor his health concerns. “There is an autobiographical character, but I did not have to undergo treatment. What interests me is to tell the moment when your life turns upside down, when you receive such disturbing news which shows you that you are not invincible, which places you in front of a real choice of survival, of resistance there too“, he delivered.

Force of nature, Axel Bauer prefers to see there “a message of hope”. Even if this “is not the first time “ hesees the truck pass very close “…. “But I have been convinced for a long time that you have to make death your best ally“, continued the musician of 60 years.

Axel Bauer wanted “destroy the board” de Michel Drucker

Invited in C to you on January 11 for the promotion of his opus, Axel Bauer returned to one of the most striking memories of his career. come to interpret his tube Cargo during his time on the show Champs-Élysées in 1984, the young man then aged 23, had persisted in breaking his guitar into a thousand pieces … “Michel Drucker represented the establishment for me and I wanted to destroy his set, but I hadn’t calculated the fact that its top was made of plexiglass, so the guitar was bouncing. We don’t know, but I was in anger, a rage“, he said.

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