Axel Kicillof announced a salary increase of 11% for the Buenos Aires police

The governor of the province of Bueno Aires, Axel Kicillof, announced that it will grant a salary increase toSalary increase for police and Penitentiary Service personnel in the months of October and November, which is added to those received in March, July and September. He communicated it in an act that he shared with the Minister of Security, Sergio Berni.

As detailed andThe increase in pocket salary will be 11% in this section and, with the increases already granted in the year, it will imply an average increase of 46.5% in relation to December 2020. The value of the compensation for service surcharge will also be increased up to $ 180., both for the Police (called Cores) and for the staff of the Penitentiary Service.

Buenos Aires police announced a strike: “If there are millions for graduate trips, there is money for better salaries”

The statements were at a patrol handover ceremony in Olavarría after touring the “Juan Vucetich” Police School decentralized of that district, specializing in Rural Police. “When we took office, we had scorched earth. There was a drop in wages for all state workers in the previous 4 years. It was 20% for administrative, health and education workers. That drop, which on average was 20%, had its extreme in the police: 25.7% the real salary of the agents fell“Kicillof noted.

The Governor pointed out that before there was “a police force without equipment, without investment and with a deterioration in salary” and that his administration “in addition to investing 37 billion pesos, invested in salaries.”

“First, we equate the salary of the provincial police to that of the federal forces because our agents do not have to earn less. This year we have already given salary increases and now we have decided a new increase, the scope of which will be 46.5 per year, “added the Governor.


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