Aznar has collected more than 3.5 million dollars from the media group News Corp

Jose Maria Aznar. Photo: Juan Manuel Prats / El Periódico / Archive.

The former president of the Government of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar, has already comfortably exceeded the 3.5 million dollars of salary accumulated in News Corp, the American media giant of the nonagenarian Australian Rupert Murdoch, whom he has advised since 2006.

Aznar, as reflected in the shareholders’ meeting of said company, has received about 250,000 euros as an independent director of News Corp., 108,500 dollars were in cash and another 175,664 dollars, in shares has qualified the medium.

After more than 15 years advising the company, Aznar has already received more than 3.16 million euros, according to a calculation based on the information available in the SEC, the US stock market regulator, which has presented the newspaper.

The assembly that last Wednesday agreed to renew Aznar for another year was held electronically. In it, the proposal of a shareholder who asked to change the system of reinforced majorities in force in the company was rejected.

Last year, News Corp’s payments to the former Spanish president suffered a slight decrease of 2.5% compared to those of fiscal year 2020, after the group’s board of directors agreed to cut its remuneration in cash for the second semester of 20% by 2020, “in line with the company’s growing focus on costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The American giant is one of the largest communication groups in the world, owner of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post or The Sun and The Times in the United Kingdom. The also president of FAES has also advised since 2011 the mining company Barrick Gold Corporation, the largest gold extraction company in the world, and, through a company in Bermuda, is a director of Afiniti, a company dedicated to artificial intelligence whose business in Spain directs his son Alonso Aznar ”, clarifies

Aznar’s lucrative life

Since leaving Moncloa, José María Aznar has not missed a day of work. After serving as Prime Minister for two terms, the Madrilenian politician has been able to enjoy private business in the last decade and the lucrative benefits it provides.

Aznar has worked in the law firm of Latham & Watkins, the first law firm in the world by billing, as an international advisor under the guidance of his friend Juan Picón, who has just been appointed managing partner of the firm’s Spanish office.

Aznar has also held a position as external advisor to Endesa, a company that he himself helped to privatize when he was in Moncloa.

What’s more, he has continued to receive a lifetime salary as former President of the Government amounting to about 80,000 euros per year.

(Taken from Spanish Revolution)

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