Baby album cover Nirvana files new complaint with judge

Spencer Elden, the man who appeared naked as a baby on the cover of Nirvana’s album Nevermind more than thirty years ago, has filed a new complaint in California court against the American rock band for sexual exploitation. Ten days ago, the judge dismissed Elden’s case because he had waited too long to answer questions from the band’s lawyers.


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However, the judge also gave Elden the chance to file a new case within ten days. That’s what Elden and his lawyers have now done.

Elden (30) wants to pay 150,000 dollars in damages from the band (more than 130,000 euros), because he is depicted naked as a baby on the world-famous cover of the album Nevermind from 1991. According to Elden there is child pornography because he was too young for permission at the time. to give. His naked appearance on the album cover is said to have caused him “extreme emotional distress”.

Lawyers for the surviving members of Nirvana and relatives of singer-guitarist Kurt Cobain, who died in 1994, previously argued in court that Elden “has taken advantage of his fame as the Nirvana baby for three decades.” Elden has recreated the image himself several times and has the album title tattooed on his chest. In addition, the statute of limitations on the charges has expired, they say.

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