Baby and Pepeu sing with Brown in homage to Moraes

Chief Carlinhos Brown paid an emotional tribute to Moraes Moreira, on Carnival Monday (20th) in Salvador. And those who accompanied him at this moment were the singer Baby do Brasil and Pepeu Gomes.

Baby and Pepeu were presented by Brown, on the catwalk of the party, as the Kings of Carnival. From then on, they led the revelry and sang together some of the classics of the group Novos Baianos, such as “Flor do Destino”, “Dia de Índio” and “A Noite Vai Ter Lua Cheia”.

Then, Carlinhos Brown pulled the revelers back. Close to Mercês, Baby do Brasil performed again singing one of his trademarks, “A Menina Dança”, and surprised everyone by playing percussion. The singer’s costumes, created by Tony Maravilha and inspired by the fairy Tinkerbell, also caught the attention of revelers.

At the end of the Camarote Andante parade, in Castro Alves square, Carlinhos Brown joined Baby do Brasil and Pepeu Gomes again. Baby took the opportunity to thank her for the invitation and emphasize the importance of that meeting. The audience was delighted with the performance.

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