Baby rescued after being found alone at home is returned to family

A 1-month-old baby, who was rescued after being found alone in a house in the Uruguay neighborhood, last Wednesday (1st), was delivered to the family this Monday (6th). The child was left at the Headquarters of the Children and Youth Ara, by the director of the Fraternal Aid Organization (OAF), where she was sheltered.

Thaila Vitória was found by military police, called after complaints from neighbors. The baby’s mother claims she left her alone because she needed to visit an apartment she intended to rent.

Still according to the woman, the girl was on Sunday when she left, and stayed in the house alone for about 1h30. On Friday (3), the First Childhood and Youth Court reported that the baby would return to live with her parents. The body did not detail when the formal decision would be issued.

Structural problems in the house

On Friday night, however, the OAF alleged problems in the structure of the property where the family lives, related to humidity. The finding occurred after the director of the foundation and the Guardianship Council visited the house.

The problems were not detailed, however, Thaila’s mother had already claimed to be looking for a new property due to infiltrations in the house where they lived.

The baby’s parents and grandmother presented themselves at a police station in Salvador, but on the same day they were heard and released. According to them, the child had never been alone and they regret making the decision.

Thaila Vitória’s mother underwent a sociological assessment at one of the Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS) in Salvador and sought care at the Tutelary Council.

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