He said that he is 28 years old and that he came from Venezuela. Right there he started to cry as a result of all the weight that you carry as a migrant after leaving your country.

He shared with the teachers of the Snail Television that first he arrived alone in Colombia and that later he brought his wife and daughter. At that point the crying intensified.

Camilo Cifuentes, one of the pillars of the school of ‘My name is’, hugged him and tried to comfort him. Later, the copycat confessed that It hurts her that she can’t give her daughter what she needs.

The tutors of the ‘reality’ reacted to his story and they made a sad face when they heard it; However, Cifuentes asked him to take advantage of those emotions to take strength and translate it into a stimulus.

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However, when he sang ‘The song’, the impulse did not reach him and the interpretation was not the best, at least not for juries.

Amparo Grisales told him that he lacked in the Puerto Rican accent, while Escola was disappointed, as he expected more, because he found no emotion.

Finally, Yeison Jiménez told him that he lacked attitude and that he felt very sad during the presentation.

Although at school he moved fibers, when the impersonator shared his family problems with the jury, Amparo Grisales told him that he couldn’t take them on stage.

Here, the copycat’s story:

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