Bad weather "Ballos": In the dark many areas of Attica

Damage caused to the electricity network of Attica, by the severe bad weather “Ballos” that affects the whole country, plunged many areas into darkness.

Specifically, Nea Smyrni, Kallithea, Moschato, Agios Dimitrios and Alimos are without electricity in the last hours, while problems are identified in other parts of the basin.

Power outages are also recorded in many areas of Piraeus, while problems occurred earlier in Pagrati.
More than 800 houses without electricity, damage to 10 PPC substations
According to the president of the PPC technicians’ union, Konstantinos Maniatis, there are damages in 10 PPC substations and more than 800 houses are without electricity.

“We are in a difficult situation. All technicians are on foot. More than 10 substations are flooded. Serious problems have been created throughout the Basin. The lesions are scattered but mainly in Kallithea “, said Mr. Maniatis while he underlined that” there is no danger for generalized black out “.

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