Bahia Handicraft Encounter brings together shows and workshops at MAM

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The 1st Handicraft Meeting in Bahia will carry out, starting on Thursday (16), a series of activities in celebration of Craftsman’s Day (19). The program – organized by the Handicraft Promotion Coordination (CFA) and the Department of Work, Employment, Income and Sports (SETRE) – includes fairs, exhibitions, panels, workshops, shows and a parade.

The activity will take place at the Museum of Modern Art – MAM, in Salvador, and admission is free. Check the schedule below:


The meeting, which will bring together artisans from all regions of the state. starts on Thursday and continues until Friday (16 and 17/03). On the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, from 3 pm to 8 pm, it will be the turn of the Feira Artesanato da Bahia, the Feira da Economia Solidária and the special edition of the Feira Artesanato da Bahia. of the Union.

The more relaxed atmosphere will be on account of the shows by Aloísio Menezes, Quarteto Geleia Solar (Jazz at Mam), Lazzo, Cláudia Costta and Sued Nunes. Handcrafted fashion will be presented in the “Imaginário Popular da Bahia” fashion show, with a collection developed using various techniques.


Within the event’s schedule, workshops will be held with the themes “Social networks for sales” (03/18) and “How to price your product” (03/19). Craftsmen and artisans will be able to participate in the “Ceramics Workshop – Production of Biojewels” (18/03), taught by Artisan Edna Marta, Workshop of Fuxico – Production of Pieces, taught by artisan Beatriz Rocha. Already on the last day of the event, the public will be able to check out the show class on the technique of ceramics, presented by the artisan Dona Cadu.


The “Faces of Metal” exhibition, the result of the course “In advance, by hand”: Crafts in Metal, also stands out in the schedule for celebrating the month of crafts. MAM will receive works by educator Alessandro Teixeira and the artisans who participated in the intensive metal modeling course, revealing the creativity of each student in metal work and the possibilities of applying other materials.

The “Cachoeirana” collection, with clothes embroidered in chintz, also wins an exhibition at MAM. The six pieces will also be presented at the handmade fashion show, revealing the beautiful work of the artisans from the Associação Artesanal Chitarte de Cachoeira. They participated in the Collection Development course”, held by Artesanato da Bahia, taught by fashion designer Cássio Caiazzo and modelist Saraí Reis. During the course, the women, aged between 40 and 86 years old, used calico embroidery to tell a little about the history of Cachoeira and the Recôncavo.

“We are very happy to be able to pay this beautiful tribute to artisans and craftsmen. The fair and the meeting will be spaces to expose the creativity and excellence of these professionals in the handicrafts who represent the strength and diversity of Crafts in Bahia”, celebrates Weslen Moreira.

The realization is an initiative of the Handicraft Promotion Coordination (CFA), Superintendence of Solidarity Economy (Sesol) of the Department of Work, Employment, Income and Sport (SETRE), in partnership with the Fábrica Cultural Association and the Casa da Cidadania Institute. The event has the support of Sebrae, IPAC, Secretariat of Culture and Secretariat of Tourism.

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Thursday (16/03)

  • Institutional Openness
  • Thematic Panel 01: Public Policies for Handicrafts
  • Thematic Panel 02: Qualification for the craftsman
  • artistic presentation

Friday (17/03)

  • Thematic Panel 03 – Challenges of artisanal commercialization in e-commerce
  • Closing of the Bahia Craft Meeting
  • Final plenary – Conversation with artisans – SETRE/CFA
  • Bahia Crafts Fair – Solidarity Economy Fair and Bahia Crafts Fair Masters and Masters of Crafts from Bahia
  • Date March 17th to 19th 2023
  • Hours: 3pm to 8pm
  • Location: Museum of Modern Art of Bahia – MAM

Friday (17/03)

  • 5pm – Institutional Opening
  • 6 pm – Show: Aloísio Menezes

Saturday (03/18)

  • 1 pm – Thematic workshop – How to price your product – Bahia Handicraft Qualification Program Space – Partnership with Sebrae
  • 3 pm – Ceramics workshop – Production of biojewelry, with artisan Edna Marta
  • 4 pm – Parade “Imaginário Popular da Bahia held in partnership with Senac
  • 6 pm – Show with General Jelly Quartet
  • 7pm – Show Lazzo Matumbi

Sunday (03/19)

  • 1 pm – Thematic workshop – Social networks for sales – Bahia Handicraft Qualification Program Space – Partnership with Sebrae
  • 3 pm – Fuxico workshop – Production of pieces, with artisan Beatriz Rocha
  • 4 pm – Class Show with Master Raimunda, from Saubara.
  • 5 pm – Show with Claudya Costa
  • 6 pm – Show with Sued Nunes


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