Bahia records 29 deaths from Covid-19 in a week

Photo: Bruno Concha/Secom

Bahia closed the last week with 29 deaths from Covid-19 and 1,653 new cases of the disease, according to data released this Tuesday (14) by the Health Secretariat (Sesab). According to the bulletin, there is an average of 231 active cases in the state.

These data represent official notifications compiled by the Board of Epidemiological Surveillance in Health of Bahia (Divep-BA), together with municipal surveillance and Ministry of Health databases. In Bahia, 71,979 health professionals were confirmed for Covid-19.

The latest balance sheet was released last week. The decision to distribute weekly newsletters was taken in view of the stability of confirmed cases, active cases and deaths from Covid-19 in Bahia. Data is updated every Tuesday.

In a note, Sesab informed that this change in no way compromises the action of health surveillance in monitoring the disease.


So far, Bahia accounts for 11,716,333 people vaccinated with the first dose, 10,986,531 with the second dose or single dose, 7,733,504 with the booster dose and 3,169,161 with the second booster.

Of the public aged 5 to 11 years, 1,090,760 children have already been immunized with the first dose and 742,766 have also taken the second dose.

Of the group aged 3 to 4 years, 87,106 took the first dose and 41,732 already took the second dose. Of the 6 months to 2 years group, 14,510 took the first dose and 4,550 took the second dose.


Bahia has 5,994,902 people not vaccinated or with an incomplete vaccination schedule. Of the target audience of people aged 12 years and over, 1,015,921 (8.0%) are overdue for the 1st dose; 928,677 (7.9%) with the 2nd dose overdue; 2,806,791 (25.9%) with the delayed booster dose (D3) and 1,243,513 (16.1%) with the 2nd delayed booster dose (D4).

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