Baianas debut as teachers of ‘Dance of the Famous’

Image: Photo: Playback/Instagram

Two Bahians joined the teaching team of “Dança dos Famosos”, on Sunday with Huck, this Sunday (12). The names of JJu Paiva and Aline Ramos were announced at the premiere of this year’s edition of the panel, which is one of the main features of the program.

On social media, the two dancers talk about the subject for the first time shortly after their appearance on the attraction. Ju, who had told followers that she was in Rio de Janeiro to take a course, explained that she couldn’t have told her before the show aired. She also commented on the happiness of participating in the painting.

“It was a secret, but now it’s our victory! And what a victory to see my work recognized and to be in such an important program for dance in our country. I can’t fit in with so much happiness and I was dying to share it with you. ?”

Aline, on the other hand, said that she had no idea that she wanted to be part of the program so much until she was “contaminated” with the atmosphere of the attraction. The blonde even said that she is living a dream.

“Now I can shout that I’m part of the team of teachers at Dança dos Famosos 2023. And for those who missed and missed my dancing, now they’ll be able to accompany me every Sunday, only in a very different way. And for me, an achievement, an achievement, an opportunity. You know a dream? I’m in one”.

In addition to being from Bahia, the two dancers were also part of the FitDance group, which moves social networks and gyms in the state. Now, they must lead two participants to the final, where only one famous will be the champion.

Cast and new format

		Baianas debut as teachers of 'Dance of the Famous'

Image: Photo: Playback/Instagram

In the male cast, the production of the Sunday attraction cast Belo, Bruno Cabrerizo, Bruno Garcia, Douglas Silva, Guito, Nattan, Rafael Infante and Thiago Oliveira.

In the female category, it brings names like Carla Diaz, Daiane dos Santos, Gabi Melim, Heloísa Périssé, Juliana Alves, Linn da Quebrada, Priscila Fantin and Rafa Kalimann.

This year’s edition will feature an unprecedented format. Participants begin the competition by dancing together, with group choreographies.

It is up to the trio of technical judges Ana Botafogo, Carlinhos de Jesus and Zebrinha, in addition to the artistic jury invited each week, to evaluate the performance of the 16 celebrities who, divided among themselves, present themselves in search of the highest scores.

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