BaianaSystem and Olodum release songs resulting from the show ‘Olodumbaiana’

A partnership between BaianaSystem and Olodum during the 2023 Summer Festival went beyond the stage. Entitled “Olodumbaiana”, the group’s meeting resulted in an ep with two songs from the live performance.

The project was launched this Friday (17) was Posted by Russo Passapusso last week, and features the songs “Duas Cidades (Ao Vivo na Bahia)”, by the band BaianaSystem, and “Várias Queixas (featuring Buguinha Dub) by the group Olodum. Songs are available on digital music platforms.

In a recent interview with iBahia, João Jorge, president of Olodum, had already commented on the project and the desire to continue it. For the director of the Palmares foundation, the groups are a mixture that worked.

“That was the starting point, which showed a novelty in Bahia with the youth culture and the more traditional culture. This fusion, this blender, this vitamin, could only happen here. So now, we have to find out in dreams what to do in reality”, he evaluated.

Still according to João Jorge, the meeting between the two bands represented the “soul and heart of Bahia walking together”.

In addition to the two songs released by the group, two special “lyric videos” with the lyrics of the songs were also released. Watch below:

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