Balcarce: a gardener found a penis in a jar when he went to cut the grass at a house

a mutilated penis was found on Tuesday, September 15, within a bottle in a house in the Buenos Aires city of Balcarce and now the provincial Police personnel are investigating the causes for this event.

Police sources reported that the member was in a house located on Calle Maipú, between Calle 17 and Avenida del Valle and was found by a young man cutting the grass on the spot.

“The member was in a jar that the gardener accidentally broke while weeding“said the spokespeople consulted, while adding that this worker had not been home for three months.

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Upon seeing the penis in the yard of the farm, the worker communicated directly with the police and officers went to the place to analyze and identify the origin of the human remains, the portal reported 0223. The Decentralized Prosecutor’s Office intervened in the case and carried out the expert reports to try to determine the origin of human remains.

Likewise, researchers try to determine how and why was there a jar with a penis in the front of that house it has a kind of park.

The broken container would have acted as a cover for the limb and therefore would have been preserved. Researchers do not rule out any hypothesis and they recognize that the finding opens a “very wide window” of possibilities. “Being in the jar, these remains could be preserved for quite some time,” they reasoned.

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Buenos Aires Science Police personnel later came to the site to assess the area and also later determine that these remains are human, as it would seem a priori, according to the first interpretations made by the researchers.

The conclusions that the Scientific Police studies on other details of the characteristics of the liquid where the limb was kept in the next few hours will also be key. The Prosecutor’s Office filed a case for “Finding of human remains “.


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