Possession of the Ball #192: Rooster without coach, Fla returns and who will be the fourth force?  - 10/01/2022

Atlético-MG decided to hire Argentine Antonio ‘El Turco’ Mohamed as its new coach, joining Coritiba, Flamengo, Fortaleza, Internacional and Palmeiras in the list of first division clubs with foreign coaches, considering that in the case of Galo, Flamengo and Inter are new names arriving, with Paulo Sousa no and Alexander ‘Cacique’ Medina.

In the Posse de Bola #193 podcast, journalists Arnaldo Ribeiro, Eduardo Tironi, Marília Ruiz and Mauro Cezar Pereira analyze who makes the best bet among the three clubs that hired their new foreign coaches for the 2022 season, the loss of space for Brazilian coaches for professionals from other countries, in addition to the first call-up of the year in the Brazilian team, in a list of contested players.

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Marília comments on the difficulty that Galo had in hiring his coach and mentions that he seemed like someone looking for a long-distance relationship in the Tinder, in addition to drawing attention to the curriculum presented by Argentine Turco Mohamed.

“We talked about how random everyone’s choice is, more specifically in the case of Atlético-MG, which was getting ‘no’. He was saying ‘yes’ on Tinder, ‘I’m interested in this one’, because all this distance, ‘I’m interested in this one’. The guy didn’t match with anyone, no one said yes to Atlético-MG and this one matched the first one and was brought in”, says the journalist.

“His resume presentation Powerpoint is the ‘mountain coach’, ‘the team is more important than the player, the player is more important than the scheme, we will win every game’. If Atlético-MG was convinced by that resume sheet he sent, it’s a joke”. complete.

Mauro sees an increase in foreign technicians in Brazil

Mauro Cezar draws attention to the fact that 6 of the 20 clubs in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship have foreigners, which indicates that Brazilian coaches are becoming obsolete in a movement that seems irreversible at this moment.

“It’s a more than obvious move, more than natural because you realize that Flamengo back then already noticed that they needed foreigners and went to look for them, then they lost Jesus, that period of pandemic, they even had two Brazilian coaches and already returned abroad. Palmeiras went looking for a foreigner and if Abel Ferreira leaves he would probably make a move abroad, and Atlético-MG the same thing”. says Mauro.

“You really have a completely different scenario that shows how obsolete most Brazilian technicians are, those who usually occupy the most important positions and are losing more and more space, only instead of chasing the so-called loss, as if says, they often prefer to be corporatist, then someone who is unemployed when he is called to give an interview scorns the guys, so it won’t take them anywhere, they are really losing market and it seems like an irreversible movement”, he adds.

Arnaldo criticizes Weverton’s call-up before the World Cup

Regarding the call-up of coach Tite for the first games of the Brazilian team of the year for the South American Qualifiers, Arnaldo Ribeiro criticizes the fact that Weverton’s name is on the list, since he is the third goalkeeper and will miss Palmeiras before the World Cup. of Clubs.

“Weverton will play the World Cup in February, soon, and is the third goalkeeper of the Brazilian team, the justification for the call-up of Weverton for me does not exist, he will not be used in the qualifying games, he will miss Palmeiras in some preparatory games for the World Cup”, says Arnaldo.

“Now, neither Palmeiras nor Weverton have expressed any words about the call-up because in a World Cup year nobody wants to be left out and the club doesn’t want to get angry with the player”, he concludes.

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