Banco Bienestar Silao: They assault at gunpoint and steal more than a million pesos

Silao, Guanajuato Five armed men in black clothing assault the offices of the Banco del Bienestar at gunpoint, more than a million pesos are stolen.

Tenants in the area tried to prevent the actions but were attacked and threatened by the criminals.

The assault occurred this Thursday morning at the bank located on the Calzada Hidalgo.

According to the first reports, the assailants arrived at the place where the money that is distributed to their different areas is kept, there they threatened those in charge and took the money from them.

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Several tenants suffered threats at gunpoint when trying to prevent the assault on Banco Bienestar. PHOTO: AM

They rob Banco Binestar and thieves flee with a million pesos

The men fled and the same managers called the 911 Emergency System to request help.

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The Municipal Police of Silao intervened, but so far no one has heard of those responsible for the assault on Banco Bienestar. PHOTO: AM

Agents of the Municipal Police of Silao, who immediately deployed operations towards the exits of the municipality to try to find those responsible, but until now they have not managed to find the thieves.

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The Silao Police Corporation reported that fortunately there are no injuries and that it will continue with the operation until confirming an arrest.

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