COMPLAINT.  The leadership of the Banking Association (AB) denounced that the four business chambers and the Central Bank (BCRA) are trying to get the union to convene

On the occasion of the 130th birthday of Banco Nación, founded on October 26, 1891, Your employees will collect a bonus of $ 66,000.

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Every year the payment of the anniversary bonus is made, although this time the amount increased since the board of directors approved the motion presented by the general manager of the Bank where asked to reward the workers, instead of allocating money to events and celebrations.

The bonus will be for all employees, there will be no distinction between hierarchical positions and ordinances.

Banco Nación will pay a bonus of $ 66,000 to each employee for the entity’s birthday (Archive)

The communication issued by the Bank states that “on the occasion of commemorating the next 10/26/2021 the 130th Anniversary of the founding of the Bank, the authorities of the Institution have resolved to pay on 10/4/2021 to all staff, without distinction of hierarchies and that they receive assets at the date of the actual payment, the sum of $ 66,000 as a non-remunerative bonus ”.

In total by giving that money to 17,500 will mean a disbursement of $ 1,155 million to the entity.

“This year the bank’s balance sheet was very good and gave a profit of 70,000 million compared to a loss of 20,000 million the previous year, “they reported from the Bank and specified that this” is a reflection of the 600,000 million loans to SMEs that were given this year.

The anniversary bonus is a benefit received for more than 30 years by the bank’s employees. Bank workers achieved through the union led by Sergio Palazzo a new increase that was added to the 29% from the beginning of the year and brought the increase to 45%. Also, there will be another review in December.

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