Bandec begins granting loans for the purchase of goods in Sancti Spíritus (+ Videos) ›Cuba› Granma

The granting of credits for the purchase of household goods and personal effects established throughout the country, began to be offered in the branches of the Bank of Credit and Commerce (Bandec) of the province of Sancti Spíritus, according to the weekly of that territory , Escambray, the head of the Personal Banking department, Odelayne Wilson.

The executive specified that these loans made through a line to make as many purchases as the client wishes until they are completely exhausted are not delivered in cash, but the money is deposited in a RED Debit card that the applicant has or that is issued in This time.

For more facilities, he argued that retiree cards, savings, salary and fund formation cards can be used, and they can only be used in state facilities or private businesses that have Point of Sale Terminals (POS) or in electronic stores.

With a minimum loan of 5,000 pesos, the credits have the particularity that the amounts to be granted will depend on the applicant’s ability to pay, according to the income that he or she is able to demonstrate, and that each withdrawal must be greater than 1,000 pesos.

For more detail, Odelayne Wilson added that the interest rates for these loans are higher than the social interest rates and range between 3 and 10.50 percent, depending on the time in which they are to be paid off. The maximum period to return the credit is 120 months and the cash cannot be withdrawn at an ATM.

With a period of up to 20 days to grant it, among the requirements demanded by the Bank for this benefit are to be of legal age, demonstrable legal income, and to have guarantees, either from guarantors, savings accounts or other assets. .

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