Barcelona - Benfica |  Champions League: Miracle or (ms) ruin in Germany

El Only clings to the hardest yet in the Champions. The zero draw at the Camp Nou is less bad for the block of Jorge Jesus. The lack of goal against him Benfica condemns the Barcelona to have to win in Germany in the last commitment of the group stage to avoid being aware of the meeting of the Portuguese team. Quite a challenge for the new Bara by Xavi Hernndez.

In case of not winning, he could also pass the round if the Benfica draws or loses in their stadium against the bottom, andl Dynamo Kiev. Precisely, the Ukrainian team has not yet won any match in this edition of the Championsbut the only point that adds up was achieved against the Benfica.

Therefore, if the commitment in the Camp Nou It was a final, the one to dispute the Only on December 8 in Germany be final. To be or not to be for those of Xavi on the Champions League. The Barcelona closes day 5 with 7 points and Benfica, with 5. Leading the group, very prominent, the Bayern, which already shows 15 in his locker.

Therefore, the Catalan painting will not have it easy on paper. AND Araujo does not hide it. “Being complicated, but not impossible. We still have a bitter taste because we want to close it at home, but we missed the goal that was the golden key to qualify,” the defender explained after the match.

Champions League (J5): Summary of Barcelona 0-0 Benfica

The Bayern is one of the big favorites to achieve the title this season. At Camp Nou, the Germans passed over the Barcelona and they won by 0-3. In fact, they count matches by wins and haven’t stumbled on the Champions despite the fact that they are already classified from match four. His statistics are available to few teams. The group which has lost two games, has won another two and has drawn one.

All Bara’s missed chances: Demir, Piqu, De Jong’s crossbar …

The sports part … and the economic

The problem of an elimination from the Champions League, which will make him play the Europa League, is above all economic. In sports, few optimistic culs dreamed that in this first post-Messi season the team could raise the Orejona or even stay close to it. But also few would think at the beginning of the season, even knowing the composition of the group, with Bayern, Benfica and Dynamo Kiev, that they did not pass the first phase. Otherwise they will play the second continental competition for the first time in their history, with the consequent loss of international prestige that this implies.

But beyond the prestige, what haunts the Bara is the economy. His weakened box makes him not continue in the Champions League assumes an estimated loss of between 30 and 40 million euros, depending, of course, on the round in which he was subsequently eliminated. Approximately, For each phase that the clubs pass, 15 million euros enter. Big clubs usually make their budgets calculating that they reach the round of 16 or quarter-finals.

To differentiate the existing prizes between the Champions League and the Europa League, the field of the first accumulates approximately between 100 and 110 million euros, depending on the television ‘market pool’. Sevilla, in 2019-2020, won the Europa League and gained 50 kilos, taking into account that he did not fall out of the Champions League that season, but that he played the group stage of the second competition.


The Barcelona has a serious problem head-to-head, especially in the European competition, and in the Camp Nou it became evident again. It does not find the way of the goal. Against him Benfica made 14 shots, three of them between the three sticks, but the ball did not enter. The Catalans generate, but fail to send the ball to the back of the net. And it is a deficit that is marking them in the Champions, where they have only celebrated two goals in five games. That s, the income has been maximum, since with two goals, the Catalans have added 7 points.

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