The contest had 31,390 spectators in the stands of the Metropolitan Stadium and a police operation of 2,000 agents; but the crowds and low use of masks to avoid contagion of coronavirus they were the constant in the stands of the sports stage.

It was for this reason that the Secretary of Health of Barranquilla was consulted, since the lack of sanitary control was denounced by journalists, people from the public and people in general who were alarmed when they saw the images that began to circulate about what happened.

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However, his response was quite particular when he recounted what, according to him, actually happened.

“If they have the mask, they have it in their hand and under their chin. What happens is that when they take those shots, for human reasons, people take off their masks to appear in photos; obviously not acceptable, “he said.

And he was released from all responsibility for the authorization that there was for so many fans to enter the commitment of the South American Qualifier.

“The objectives and obligations before and during the match, with biosecurity controls and vaccination points, all were met”, assured.

However, in more statements he showed that the organization of the event it would have gotten out of hand in terms of health.

“We cannot control each person with a police officer in the stadium for the use of the mask, which is mandatory even if we are vaccinated ”.

“Fans took off their masks for the photos”

This is how the peculiar words of Humberto Mendoza, Secretary of Health of Barranquilla, were replicated by different means:

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