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The Quinteto Rebelde and the singer Teniente Rey, from Granma, will receive the Premio del Barrio, conferred annually by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) to individuals, groups and families outstanding for their community work and social contribution.

According to La Demajagua, this musical group, born in 1958 in the municipality of Bartolomé Masó to stimulate recreation in moments of war recess, will be awarded the recognition on September 22.

The note explains that in the middle of the Batista Army offensive, the members of the Rebel Quintet asked Fidel for weapons and, through Celia, the Commander replied: «Tell the boys that the best weapon in the Sierra is the they have the ideological weapon ». After the revolutionary triumph, the group continued to participate in peasant cultural gatherings and days, for which in 1987 it was declared Patrimonial Institution of the Cuban Revolution, for its outstanding contributions to patriotic musical culture.

Also, on September 27, Reinier Velázquez Álvarez, artistically known as Teniente Rey, a genuine exponent of urban music in Granma, will also receive the Barrio Prize.

Belonging to the Provincial Company of Music and Shows Sindo Garay, the also composer and cultist of hip hop, takes his art – in which the country’s history stands out – to places of difficult access and communities in his province, integrating himself into the traditions of those territories.

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