Bart De Pauw continues to be seen on Streamz, not on VRT

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The streaming service Streamz will not remove programs from or with Bart De Pauw from its offer now that the television maker has received a suspended prison sentence for stalking five women. “The subscribers can choose whether they want to view that content or not,” it sounds.


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The criminal court of Mechelen found Bart De Pauw guilty on Thursday of assaulting five women and causing nuisance to one of them by using electronic means of communication. He was given a six-month suspended prison sentence.

De Pauw has made several successful TV series in recent decades, sometimes with himself in the lead role. A number of those series are in the catalog of Streamz, the streaming service of DPG Media and Telenet. This includes The genus De Pauw on Willy’s and Marjetten.

“We bundle a lot of titles on Streamz, both international and local. These are both new and less recent titles, and the catalog also includes somewhat older series by and with Bart De Pauw. Streamz subscribers can choose whether they want to watch that content or not,” the streaming service said in a written response.


Bart De Pauw can no longer be seen on the channels of the public broadcaster. That had already been decided before. In 2017, the VRT found that a breach of trust had arisen and decided to end the collaboration with the television maker. The series It’s Showtime‘ which De Pauw had made for the VRT, was never broadcast there. VRT also no longer wants to broadcast reruns of programs with De Pauw.

The VRT still wanted to collaborate with the production house Koeken Troef!, which was founded by De Pauw but where his wife Ines De Vos has been the sole manager since the beginning of 2018. “We have ordered three new seasons of ‘Twee tot de Zesde Macht’ with new episodes with Jeroen Meus as the new presenter, on the condition that Bart De Pauw would not be involved, neither before or behind the scenes of the production,” says VRT- spokesman Bob Vermeir.

The VRT is still involved in a legal battle with De Pauw. The television maker is demanding 12 million euros in damages from the public broadcaster. He, his production house and his family believe that the termination of the collaboration was premature and has led to enormous reputational damage.

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