Basic basket falls in 13 of the 17 capitals surveyed in February

The price of the basic food basket fell, in February, in 13 of the 17 capitals surveyed by the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese). The biggest falls occurred in Belo Horizonte (3.97%), Rio de Janeiro (3.15%), Campo Grande (3.12%), Curitiba (2.34%) and Vitória (2.34%).

Prices rose more in four capitals of the North and Northeast regions: Belém (1.25%), Natal (0.64%), Salvador (0.34%) and João Pessoa (0.01%). The data were released this Thursday (9) by Dieese.

The most expensive basket in February was in São Paulo, R$779.38, followed by Florianópolis (R$746.95), Rio de Janeiro (R$745.96) and Porto Alegre (R$741. 30). The cheapest was found in Aracaju, R$552.97, with Salvador (R$596.88), João Pessoa (R$600.10) and Recife (R$606.93) appearing in second, third and fourth places .

The main products that had price changes were soybean oil, which dropped in 15 of the 17 capitals, with emphasis on Rio de Janeiro (reduction of 6.46%); tomatoes, which fell in 13 of the 17 capitals, especially in Florianópolis (-21.82%); and powdered coffee, with decrease in 12 capitals, mainly in Goiânia (-2.8%).

The price of French bread increased in 13 capitals, with emphasis on Porto Alegre (3.4%); that of beans rose in 12 capitals, especially in Porto Alegre (4.15%); that of rice needle rose in 11 capitals, including Porto Alegre (4.5%); and whole milk, increased in 11 capitals, with emphasis on Florianópolis (6.88%).

Based on the basic basket of São Paulo, the most expensive in the country, Dieese estimates that the value of the minimum wage necessary for the worker to cover the family’s expenses with food, housing, health, education, clothing, hygiene, transportation, leisure and pension — as provided for in the Federal Constitution, it should be BRL 6,547.58, or 5.03 times the current value of BRL 1,302.

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