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Bayern Munchen

The Bavarian team adjusted finances during a pandemic period and maintained hegemony within Germany, with the tenth consecutive national title

Bayern closed another season "in the green"
© Tobias Hase/picture alliance/Getty ImagesBayern closed another season “in the green”

Bayern Munich ended last season as the only team, among the champions of the eight main European leagues, to close the accounts in profit. The survey was carried out by the consultancy KPMG, which organized all the gains and expenses of the teams that won national championships in the Old Continent in 2020-21.

The Bavarian team ended the season with a “simple” 1.8 million euros (R$ 11.4 million) in profit, which represented the 29th consecutive year that the German team ended a season with a positive balance, as reported by the journalist. Felipe Lobo, from Trivela. Bayern have increasingly dominated the national scene, and last season they scored their 10th consecutive German title.

Bayern even have the advantage in the race for another national title, as they lead the German Championship this season, with 43 points, six more than the vice-leader Borussia Dortmund. The team is also in the round of 16 of the Champions League, where they will face Red Bull Salzburg, from Austria.

In addition to the Bavarian team, the survey studied the earnings and expenses of seven other teams: Atlético de Madrid, from Spain; Manchester City, from England; Inter Milan, from Italy; Little, from France; Sporting Lisbon, From Portugal; Ajax, from the Netherlands; and Besiktas, from Turkey.

All of them won their respective national championships, and, with the exception of Manchester City, who did not have their total expenses and earnings disclosed, they ended the season at a loss. Much of this is due, in particular, to the pandemic, which caused major revenue losses for teams, especially with the absence of an audience in the stadiums.

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