João Almeida

BBB 22

The leader’s room will be a loft, being able to receive more guests and even musical selection for the leader of BBB 22 to choose

Image of the fourth leader of BBB 21
© Disclosure / TV GloboImage of the fourth leader of BBB 21

After disclosing some news from BBB 22, the suspense about what happened to the leader’s room. This Friday (14), the mystery came to an end: there will be a number of changes in the room. The leader’s room, formerly located on the lawn, left the outside of the house and went to the second floor, now, in the internal environment.

In this edition, the room got a makeover and can be seen as a loft: it has lounge, bar, dance floor, wardrobes, dressing room and the well-known tactical table. The increase in the room allows the leader to receive more guests in the environment, although it is not yet possible for all participants in the house.

Regarding the decor, it is mostly blue with neon fluorescent elements. The leader’s photo will have a new format: from now on, a brightness with a large LED panel will show the image of the main commander of the week. In addition, he will have a screen to choose your own music selection, helping in the review atmosphere with the other members of the “Vip” group.

Another privilege when winning the leadership of BBB 22 will be the possibility of doing a live directly on “Rede BBB”, for a limited time, during the warm-up for the leader’s party. Big Brother Brasil 22 will start next Monday, the 17th.

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