“Be More, Be YOU” on ZAPPN: GNTM winner Lou-Anne helps women

“Be More, Be YOU” wants to encourage self-love

The protagonists also report touching experiences. With the help of the expertise of Lou-Anne as a model and trained hair stylist and Martina as a model and trained coach, the two want to pursue various questions “to bring about a positive and lasting change”, as it is said.

For example, Jennefer (28, from Upper Austria), a trained locksmith and mechanical engineering technician, says: “I wish I could take beauty tips and tricks with me and feel beautiful and feminine.”

Rita (24 years old from Lower Austria) also seeks advice from the mother-daughter duo. She used to work as a professional soldier in the army. But experiences with bullying would have led her to take a new career path and focus more on the topic of self-love. “There were moments when you felt really unfairly treated. Not because I’m a woman, it’s just basically sometimes a kind of interaction where I think it doesn’t have to be between adults.”

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