‘Be your reference’, says baiana approved in 42 universities

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At the age of 23, student Ilary Reis is about to achieve two major milestones this month. The first is to start the dreamed medical course and the other is to become the first in the family to enter higher education. The achievements came after a lot of dedication – a factor that guaranteed the Bahian simultaneous approval in 42 universities.

Preparation began in her teens, after the young woman began to intensify her reading and studies in her spare time. The desire to become a doctor she always had. In an interview with Preta Bahia this week, Ilary revealed that he considers the profession beautiful and that he chose it because he wants to help other people.

“I always wanted to be a doctor, I always wanted to help people, I always thought it was beautiful. So, I really wanted to”.

Still processing the conquest, the Bahian said that she is done. “My family always supported me, they were always on my side. I always had all the support. They know it was something very good. Everyone was very happy with the positive repercussions. And I was very happy too”.

		'Be your reference', says baiana approved in 42 universities

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However, Ilary does not consider the feat to be special. For the editor, she revealed that she sees the approvals as a result of the studies she has had over the last few years.

“I don’t think of myself as gifted, I don’t think of myself as an outlier, I don’t think of myself as an extraordinary person. I think of myself as a person who put in a lot of effort, focused and got a result. These things come little by little. I know how much I I studied, how much I struggled, how much I made mistakes to get a result. When it comes to glamor, it’s very easy”.

“42 is just a number. If I were doing 42 colleges at the same time, then no… but no. I’m only doing one. Don’t get attached to the numbers. Get attached to the process”, he added.

Before being approved at this stage of the Unified Selection System (Sisu), with the score of the National High School Exam (Enem), the student had already tried other times. She even had better grades than this year in the two previous editions, going from 940 to 900 in the essay. Things that contributed to her being nervous until the result.

		'Be your reference', says baiana approved in 42 universities

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“For me the writing grade was a drop, but despite that drop, I managed to pass. I didn’t think I would pass. I was apprehensive until the last day.”

Among the institutions where Ilary was approved is the Federal University of Bahia (Ufba), which she chose. Classes are expected to start on the 29th of this month. For the editors, the Bahian said that she is nervous and looking forward to knowing how the experience will be.

“I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know how it’s going to go. I’m curious, but I’m sure it’s going to be a really good experience.”

Born in the city of Maragogipe, in the Recôncavo region of Bahia, Ilary was raised by her maternal grandparents and uncles. At the time, her mother lived in Salvador, where she worked to help pay the bills. It was in her grandfather that the Bahian woman found the greatest support and encouragement, especially after her grandmother died, when she was 6 years old.

		'Be your reference', says baiana approved in 42 universities

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Faced with the financial reality, which limited access to certain technologies, such as cell phones and the internet, and with a conservative upbringing, Ilary started reading at a very young age. In addition to consuming books from the library of the public school where he studied, he also had access to works borrowed by friends.

“I had a lot of fun with the books. It felt like full-featured audio-visual content. And I learned to read quickly.”

At the time, Ilary was already focused on her studies. She says that there was no heavy demand at home for good grades, but that she was encouraged to achieve the results, and she practiced this requirement herself.

“I was always encouraged to study, but I was never pressured. I was never pressured. And, precisely because of that, I put pressure on myself. As there was no one to tell me to do it, I made a point of doing everything right so as not to be called attention to. “.

The Bahian’s first major victory came at the age of 18, when she passed a competition for the Military Police of Bahia and became a soldier. The indication came from a cousin, who printed the booklet so that the student could prepare for the tests.

		'Be your reference', says baiana approved in 42 universities

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During the interview, Ilary recalled that it was a surprise when the contest results came out and that the family was thrilled with the achievement. Soon after, they rushed to have her meet all the prerequisites.

“My family didn’t believe it and despaired, because we had nothing. We didn’t have money for documentation, for exams, for the National Driver’s License. So, it was a rush”.

It was with the money he started to receive that he bought the first more modern cell phone and installed Wi-Fi internet at home, allowing him to study even more.

Currently, the Bahian works at the Integrated Communications Center (Cicom) of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) and is assigned to the Command of Military Police Operations (Coppm) of Bahia. She splits between Salvador and her hometown, where the family still lives. However, after the start of classes, she must settle in the capital.

Confident, the student took advantage of the interview to encourage other young women like her. “Do it for yourself, understand your processes. Study, read. Sometimes you don’t have a reference. In that case, follow the opposite path. Be your reference. If you have close references, great. If you only have opposite references, go to the opposite side”.

		'Be your reference', says baiana approved in 42 universities

Image: Photo: Playback/Instagram


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