Beatriz Sarlo and Santo Biasatti, two of the new members of the National Academy of Journalism

The National Academy of Journalism voted virtually and chose six new members, among them the journalist Santo Biasatti, host of RePerfilAr (Net TV) and the essayist and writer Beatriz Sarlo, columnist of PERFIL.

Meanwhile, the new members of the prestigious institution commanded by Joaquín Morales Solá are also Fernán Saguier from The nation, Eduardo Van del Koy from Clarion, Fernando Bravo of Continental Radio and Norma Morandini, director of the National Senate Human Rights Observatory.

In this way, the institution based in the Mariano Moreno National Library incorporated journalists during the plenary meeting of the institution this Wednesday, September 15, which will be formally announced in a public session subject to health protocols within the framework of the coronavirus pandemic.

Part of the National Academy of Journalism died

Santo Biasatti

Journalist and television presenter with a long career. Currently co-leads RePerfilAr, the PROFILE newscast broadcast by NET TV together with María Areces.

In addition to “Telenoche”, where he formed a historic duo with María Laura Santillán-Biasatti, he conducted “Síntesis” (1995-2004), “Síntesis del mediodía” (1996-1998) and “El noticiero de Santo” (1998-2004) . In TN, the television and radio presenter was in charge of “El Programa de Santo” (1993-2003) and “Otro tema” (2003-2015).

Beatriz Sarlo

She is an Argentine journalist, writer and essayist in the field of literary and cultural criticism. The PERFIL columnist won the Platinum Konex Award from the Pen of Honor Award from the National Academy of Journalism and the 2015 International “Pedro Henríquez Ureña” Award from the Dominican Republic.

Fernan Saguier

He has been the director of the newspaper La Nación since November 2020, he is part of the fifth generation of direct descendants of the founder Bartolomé Miter. During his tenure as deputy editor for fifteen years and in his previous positions, he was involved in the transformation of the paper newspaper to a multiplatform multimedia. He is also a psychologist and directs the Master’s Degree in Journalism at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

Sergio Massa spoke before the National Academy of Journalism

Eduardo Van Der Koy

Journalist and editor of the daily Clarín. He worked in the newspapers Mayoría and El Cronista Comercial, in the Télam agency and was a correspondent for the newspaper La Vanguardia, in Barcelona. Since 2004, he has directed a magazine of political, economic and cultural news from the city of Rosario.

Fernando Bravo

He is a renowned Argentine presenter and announcer. He currently hosts Bravo.Continental on Radio Continental. He has a vast career in radio and television media and received numerous awards.

Norma Morandini

He is a journalist and a political activist. During the last military dictatorship he went into exile in Spain, and later covered the Trial of the Juntas for the Brazilian newspaper Or Balloon. She was a national deputy (2005-2009) and senator (2009-2015) for Córdoba. Since 2015, he has directed the Human Rights Observatory of the Argentine Senate.

Notable failure of the Justice that protects journalistic sources

The National Academy of Journalism

The National Academy of Journalism was created by a group of long-standing professionals in 1987, within the scope of the Press Circle. Its predecessor, the Academia Argentina de Periodismo, operated until 1992, at which point it joined the regime of the national academies and changed its name.

The institution is currently chaired by Joaquín Morales Solá. The board of directors includes Jorge Fontevecchia (1st vice president), Nelson Castro (2nd vice president), Silvia Naishtat (secretary), Fernando Sánchez Zinny (prosecutor), Osvaldo E. Granados (treasurer) and Alberto Munin (protesorer).

For their part, the academic numbers are Nora Bär, Alicia de Arteaga, María O’Donnell, Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazú, Hinde Pomeraniec, Hugo Alconada Mon, Nelson Castro, Héctor D’Amico, Daniel Dessein, José Claudio Escribano, Eduardo Fidanza, Julián Gallo, Roberto A. García, Gustavo González, Roberto Guareschi, Héctor M. Guyot, Ricardo Kirschbaum, Marcelo Longobardi, José Ignacio López, Antonio Requeni, Carlos Reymundo Roberts, Fernando Ruiz, Daniel Santoro, Ernesto Tenembaum and Miguel Wiñazki.

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