Because of his too "feminine" voice, his bank takes him for an impostor and refuses to help him

It is a surprising story to say the least, reported by our Swiss colleagues 20 Minutes. Vendel Horvath, a client of UBS, has been discriminated against because of his voice. Indeed, after having exceeded the amount authorized on his credit card, he wanted to contact his bank in order to find a solution. While he was put on hold for long minutes, the answer to his question was very short. “The employee told me that my voice was too feminine and that he could not give me information about my account for that reason. He told me the credit card belonged to a Mr. Horvath and that I didn’t sound like a Mr. Horvath“, explains Vendel Horvath.

Very surprised, he then offered to answer the security questions again to prove his identity, but the bank agent simply refused and referred him to customer service. “I find it awful that we still have to go through this stuff these days“. Very shocked, Vendel Horvath then contacted the bank in writing on this subject but received no response. Contacted by 20 Minutes, the UPS bank nevertheless claims for its part not to have heard of the incident.”Information is refused when the security questions have not all been answered correctly (…) Sometimes, the bank thus compares the voice on the telephone with the voice recorded in the system, just like the telephone number. If this data does not match, then the employee can refuse to inform the person on the phone.“said the banking organization.

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