Because of Masked Singer, Christina Stürmer had to lie in her daughter's kindergarten

In addition, it was not so easy to “bring everything under one roof.” Christina Stürmer only became the little girl’s mother in March Lotta. “I still have a ‘breastfeeding’ baby who definitely had to go to Cologne and my five-year-old daughter (Marina – editor’s note) wanted to come along too, of course. By the way, she has become a big Mülli fan,” she said Musician.

And because she had to keep her participation in the show top secret, creativity was also required. “At this point I would like to apologize to the kindergarten management. I’m so sorry that I served up a story of lies,” she said, a little contrite.

In the near future, the mother of two will take it a little more leisurely. “After these six weeks I definitely need a little rest. Otherwise I will do what all Austrians do – stay at home. And I will make Christmas decorations with my daughter and fill the Advent calendar.”

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