Before losing the majority in the Senate, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner wants to rush the last session

On December 10, the composition of the Senate will change and both Cristina Fernández de Kirchner What Alberto Fernandez They want 116 urgent need decrees to be approved before that date, which must pass through the Upper House. Although until now there is no formal call for sessions, from the opposition they denounce that the ruling party “wants to take advantage of the last days of the automatic majority.”

“The idea of ​​the ruling party is to advance with the formation of the current Senate because it is less oppositional than the one to come“Said the senator of Together for Change, Laura Rodriguez Machado. The opposition bloc is mainly concerned with the 116 Decrees of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) that need the endorsement of only one of the chambers.

Divisions, negotiations and moves for the new Senate

These DNUs were endorsed by the bicameral Legislative Procedure commission in which the Frente de Todos has a majority and could pass through the Senate without the need for dialogue with no other political actor in the legislative power. “The approval of the decrees is a maneuver of the ruling party to deal with them before the replacement of the Chamber ”, remarked Machado.

Starting in December, the Senate will change completely since the ruling party will lose its own quorum because it will have 35 of the 37 necessary congressmen. Before the elections, they had 41 representatives from their bank.

The decrees

At the bicameral meeting on November 18, a set of DNUs arranged from 2019 to date were discussed that include some provisions related to the pandemic, others on the Law of Ministries, pension increases, the increase in the minimum income tax. , and the government’s accountability for Fiscal Year 2021, among others.

What does it mean for Cristina Fernández to lose the quorum in the Senate

At a press conference, the spokesperson for the Presidency, Gabriela Cerruti, clarified that it was not “116 DNU nor provisions against the Congress, but rather of the powers that the President has and that, due to a matter of customs and customs, the Bicameral meets and, although they have already expired, the year closes dealing with everything that happened during the year. “

However, from the opposition they remarked that this treatment of decrees “would be dictating in extremely long overdue terms, and without dedicating a serious and thoughtful debate to it.” In this sense, the radical senator Luis Naidenoff He said: “We reject the claim of the ruling party to approve with an express process two years of government by DNU, rushed by the electoral result.” And he sentenced: “It is a serious institutional outrage that shows contempt for Congress, the Constitution and for the rules of democracy. “

The call for the last session would be on December 2

There are several projects that in many cases correspond to senators who finish their terms. But it will also include initiatives included in the multiple committee meetings that will take place until next Thursday, so that the decrees will not be the only issue that will be addressed in the face-to-face session of the Senate that would take place. Thursday, December 2, one week after the legislative change. In that session, the 22 senators who did not renew their mandates will also be fired.


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