Being a referee: the experience of “Rafa” Albornoz in the first person

Gonzalo Rafael Albornoz is a San Luis referee who began his path in this tough profession in 2013. Since then, when he enrolled to take the refereeing course at the San Luis League, his career has been growing by leaps and bounds and currently already accumulates a couple of matches directed in the national tournament Federal A.

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This Monday the Referee’s Day at the national level and Via San Luis He decided to interview one of the most projected referees of San Luis today. In interview, “Rafa” Bathrobe (26 years old) recounted his experiences and how he gets along with the evils of the profession.

I always played soccer as a boy, a little in the bank, as you know”, He began counting between laughs. “I always liked football, I always watched, I always played. Then they asked me if I didn’t want to do the refereeing course and I started doing it ”.

“Rafa” Albornoz, San Luis referee

A few weeks after starting the refereeing course in 2013, due to lack of people, he had to go to direct the children’s divisions of the local League and felt that it was something he liked to do. At that moment, he decided to go for everything beyond what this profession entails.

It is public knowledge that, in our country, it is not easy to be a referee. The insults and threats by the fans or by themselves fathers and mothers that, in the case of the youngest, they go to see their children play.

Albornoz said that “at first, me re enojaba, much. But later you also understand the context of our country, how it is and how people handle themselves”.

“Unfortunately it is something considered ‘normal’ (insulting). But when it is something very exaggerated, in the case of children, we ask them to withdraw from the parents who are insulting because the children get nervous and begin to hit each other more ”, he added.

In turn, he commented that when he had to direct in First, to insultsyou have to bank them and you have no other choice… Also, many times, you are so involved in the game, so focused on the court, that you ignore them ”, he clarified.

“Rafa” Albornoz and other referees from San Luis

With respect to assaults on the field of play, Rafael, fortunately, does not accumulate any serious experience. “Luckily they haven’t thrown a lot of things at me or something that has hurt me. But something very funny happened to me, they have thrown me orange peels and, more than once, they have thrown me wine when they get angry”He said with a laugh.

And beyond any negative experience that may refer to this profession, “Rafa He knew how to hold on to his love of refereeing and progress over the years.

Having started to coach in the First Division of the local League only in 2015, Albornoz was progressing well until he managed to sign his contracted with AFA on September 2, 2021.

“Rafa” Albornoz, San Luis referee

With this new signature, he was enabled to direct in national competitions such as the Federal A, category in which he already had a couple of matches of experience as fourth official.

I was in Salta 3 weeks ago making my debut in the category, in the match between Central Norte and Unión de Sunchales. And I also led in Peñarol against Deportivo Madryn, in both cases as fourth official ”, he closed with enthusiasm.

“Rafa” Albornoz, San Luis referee

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