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Lima, January 13, 2022Updated on 01/13/2022 01:25 pm

Bellwether Industries has unveiled the Volar prototype, a luxury eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) with a sports car-like appearance that has already successfully piloted its test flights in Dubai. Like a science fiction movie, this vehicle will transport the city’s billionaires who can afford it through the air.

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The London-based company was timely in not revealing many technical details about its new project, but did mention that Volar is designed for private urban flights. It has a propulsion and landing system under its aerodynamic body, which closely resembles a ship from a space movie or the like.

Although a model manufactured at 1: 2 scale was used for the eight tests that were carried out and it only rose to 4 meters from the ground with a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour, the company has ensured that the final model that will be marketed It will be similar to a private jet, being able to rise to a maximum height of 915 meters and with a maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour.

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“We are open to all types of energy sources, but vehicle control and basic systems will remain electric”Kai-Tse Lin, CEO and co-founder of Bellwether Industries, said of the vehicle’s operation in a press release.

The company plans to create a new version of this prototype of the Bellwether Volar this year and intends to release the final design by 2028. While the exact cost price has not yet been mentioned, it was revealed that it will start in the seven figures. Truly a luxury vehicle available only to the wealthiest on the planet.

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