Belo returns to Salvador with ‘Belo In Concert’ tour show

		Belo returns to Salvador with 'Belo In Concert' tour show

One of the biggest names in romantic samba, singer Belo returns to the Bahian capital on May 21, with his show “Belo In Concert”. The artist promises a presentation to make the lovers sing their greatest hits.

In the repertoire are songs that marked Belo’s career and became hits among fans, such as “Derê”, “Sem Ar”, “Não Quero Mais”, “Intriga da Opição” and many others. In addition to the songs themselves, Belo also plays hits by other artists, such as Guilherme Arantes and Milton Nascimento.

The show, presented for the first time in 2020, is 3 hours long and contemplates its more than 25 years of career.

Tickets for the show will be available at the Bora Tickets store, on the 2nd floor of Shopping da Bahia or through the site


Belo In Concert

Date: May 21st

Local: TCA Acoustic Shell


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