BERG: "The priority is the championship ..." (Statement by Basiros)

Omonia coach Henning Berg gave a press conference for tomorrow’s game with Kirat. Bassirou, who represented the players, is also on the panel.



“I am happy to be here and excited to play this game. We do not feel tired. We have a big roster and I am used to giving championship matches and consecutive matches. I am happy, I am learning my teammates and they welcomed me very well. So far everything is going well and I am happy “.


“It’s always frustrating to lose games. But it is part of the game. There is no team that does not lose. The matches with AEK are balanced, this time the details were with AEK. Now we are playing with Kairat who made good victories in Europe and these games will help the team. We are very happy to be here, we constantly want to progress “.

“Tomorrow’s game is as important as any other game. The priority is the championship but we will give everything to the group. “If we had to choose one, it would be the championship.”

For Kairat

“Kairat is dangerous offensively and is in good physical condition. It has more quality on the strike line “.

“We conceded more goals this year but we did not play enough games to draw conclusions. We played against Antwerp and Dinamo Zagreb. Absences are also likely to affect, it is a fact and not an excuse. We work to improve, we are in the groups and we won the super cup. Youste is a good player, that’s why he came. We have options for the center of defense, I’m not worried. We could in some cases defend better. “Through work we try to improve.”

Why was Marko Cepovic left out of the mission?

“Cepovic decided that it would be better to stay in Cyprus to do three hard training sessions and be ready for the next match.”

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