Better information contributes to a better Government of Guanajuato

Leon, Guanajuato.- Accuracy in information and that it is transparent, relevant, timely and truthful will allow you to complete a best government and creation of public policies for Guanajuato.

So he considered it Juan Pablo Luna Mercado, General Director of the Guanajuato Institute of Planning and Statistics (Iplaneg) during the 2nd. Congress of Statistical and Geographic Information.

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“We wanted to open the to any interested party and we believe that to a large extent the Guanajuato advance it is for our society and the generation of these indicators ”, explained the official.

This time the main topic is Tools and Data to evaluate Development, from Government and society, economic indicators, quality of life of citizens, environment and administration of justice.

The official highlighted that the planning of Guanajuato is aimed at generating better living conditions for all Guanajuato, industry and growth, as well as modifying the public policy that there are currently, as well as progress of evaluations and development for economic wellness general.

As an example, he mentioned that the entity obtained the first place in the budget evaluation, based on the result issued by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit.

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He also highlighted that the organization of the Iplaneg attends the creation of a digital platform where organized and easily accessible data is available to those who request it.

Alejandro Medina Giop, senior monitoring and evaluation specialist world Bank, during the opening of the event highlighted the work of Guanajuato for demographic information, compared to other states.

“The development indicators they must be connected to the offices that have information at the national and subnational level because these indicators must be adapted to the sources of information ”, he explained.

The analyst of the world Bank He also explained that it is intended to reduce poverty worldwide by 3% by 2030, with the construction of scenarios with population data to improve the decision making in affected governments and that improve social welfare.

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Maria Monterrubio Gomez, general director of the National System of Statistical Information and Geography, insisted that Guanajuato’s efforts to demographic information they are to stand out.


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