Red flags at the Communist march in the center of Moscow, November 2019

Red flags at the Communist march in the center of Moscow, November 2019

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

A round table was held at the International Multimedia Press Center Russia-Today, where the topic was discussed: “KPRF-2021: personnel and ideological crisis.”

The discussion was attended by political scientist, political observer of the radio station “Moscow speaking” Alexander Asafov and head of the Expert Council of the Expert Institute for Social Research (EISI) Gleb Kuznetsov, director of the Institute of Modern States Alexei Martynov and Associate Professor of the Department of World History and International Relations at Irkutsk State University Sergei Shmidt, as well as a political scientist Anna Fedorova.

The discussion was moderated by Pavel Danilin, Director of the Center for Political Analysis and Social Research.

The reason for the discussion was the latest high-profile events associated with well-known representatives of the Communist Party. These events confirmed the personnel crisis in this party. There is a growing feeling that the communists lack an influx of fresh faces and a lack of new leaders.

The personnel problems of this party are connected not only with its internal problems of the party, but also in general with a certain crisis of the left agenda in the country and in the world.


Alexander Asafov suggested that the communists today are not ready for the self-purification of their party:

– Our Communist Party has created its own reality in which it lives. The German party “Alternative for Germany” did something similar. There is a feeling that here you are no longer able to stop. And it seems that today those measures are good, which were bad yesterday. But at the same time, such parties are drifting further and further from reality in this raging world. The very action to “protect the working class” destroys this ideologeme. After all, the representatives of the top of the party themselves do not observe any restrictions, and, taking advantage of parliamentary immunity, they organize “anti-pandemic” events, not observing any distance and risking the health of their elderly associates. The same Rashkin himself said that at one of such meetings he contracted covid And when he fell ill, he did not observe the required isolation, moved around the city behind the wheel, and generally did not give a damn about the legislation. mythical reality. So in the situation with Rashkin and the elk, they began to create an additional reality. While knowing how everything really happened. This story is all filled with lies. They began to wave of denial. If they are comfortable being within the framework of their own logic and morality – then they do not care about breaking the law.

Against this background, it is obvious that modern communists are experiencing an ideological crisis. After all, any other party does not seek to defend criminals in its ranks, but drives them out – even out of common sense.


Gleb Kuznetsov spoke about what is happening in the world left movement:

– It cannot be argued that the international left agenda is in a serious crisis. But, if any deputy from any left party in the current European Parliament found himself in such a situation as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, then his party members would “finish off” him in 10 minutes. Especially considering how strong the association of left-wing and environmental parties in the European Parliament is today and how loud their “natural” agenda is.

In general, leftists around the world are fighting to ban hunting. This is very important, for example, in Germany. Where hunters need to pass serious exams. In the UK, hunting foxes in 2004 was banned by “leftist” governments. Where does all this come from? It’s not just crazy. Hunting, in principle, does not carry any vital necessity – it is entertainment for the rich, who have a lot of time, money and few worries. They take a gun and go into the forest to kill the unfortunate animals. That is, hunting is what representatives of the right-wing parties and aristocrats do. When representatives of the royal families of Britain and Spain killed animals in Eastern Europe, there were big scandals, and not only in the media.

In the public consciousness of a modern European, such a pastime is incompatible with the protection of a working person. Hunting is not an electoral bias. And it turns out that the current Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not so much a leftist as a right-wing conservative party. They are close not to the Laborites in England, but to the Conservatives, and not to the Democrats in the United States, but to the Republicans. It turns out that the Russian communists are not alien to aristocratic expensive entertainment. And what the Communist Party of the Russian Federation represents today has nothing to do with communism.


Alexei Martynov suggests that the Russian communists today are in a world outlook impasse:

– Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov hunted in Siberia because, in general, he had nothing to eat there. And modern hunting is a perverse entertainment. Since it is illegal to kill people under a license, then we will kill animals. And it’s not about Rashkin – he’s not a communist at all. He is a typical Polygraph Poligrafovich – and it doesn’t matter if he is in charge of cleaning or something else. Yes, we can say that everything is according to the decree. From a bureaucratic point of view, everything can be right. But you know how much a license to shoot a large animal costs – at least 100 thousand rubles, and who can afford such expenses? Soon 22 years as a comrade Rashkin deputy. You can count how many animals he killed.

In general, the point here is not in Rashkin, but in the ideology of the party, which he represents, and which calls itself the successor of the CPSU. There is no Marxism there for a long time. They have recovered from communist ideology and scientific communism. The communists took on the comfortable role of the tame opposition – and so, degrading, they turned into what they have become. And all this is already in the nature of a political crisis. When for a leftist deputy to declare an income of a billion rubles is not something special. It is obvious to many experts that Zyuganov’s party today is in an ideological impasse. And here, only having kicked out Rashkin, but not having made not tactical, but strategic conclusions, they will not overcome this impasse.


Sergei Schmidt assessed how the protracted crisis in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation affects the attitude of people towards representatives of this party in power:

– This is some kind of “Year of the Elk”. And, for example, in Irkutsk, this story is experienced especially painfully, taking into account our own experience. Indeed, until now, the “main” hunt in the media space was the hunt of our former “red” governor Levchenko for a bear in a taiga den. And here, in Siberia, we are a little upset that Rashkin, in his all-federal fame, is overtaking our ex-governor in a hunter’s rage.

But seriously, there is a feeling that PR people have taken the path of creating a cult of martyrdom. Where the main theme is created around the fact that there was one of the best governors in Russia, and he suffered for nothing, and he was forced to resign. and most importantly, they sent his son to prison on a “far-fetched” case (which is, in fact, the most vulgar family corruption). And the cult of the tormented family of real communists is being created, who innocently suffered for their anti-corruption honesty. If we compare the stories with the elk and the bear, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will probably look for ways to create a new cult of the “martyr of Rashkin”. Not paying attention to the fact that the very style of such a noble “beautiful” pastime in nature – it annoys ordinary citizens.

The ideology of real communists definitely does not fit in with such a fun pastime.

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