beware of certain toys for children under 3, warns the SPF Economy

Toys have to meet high safety requirements. According to checks carried out by the FPS Economy, this does not always seem to be the case. There are some good reflexes to take into account, especially about toys for children under 3, warns the FPS Economy on Tuesday. in a press release.

During a control campaign carried out between early 2020 and last May, the FPS Economy sampled 18 toys, which were the subject of a technical control relating to the presence of small elements likely to be swallowed. Eleven of them show technical shortcomings, 10 of which created a serious risk.

The FPS Economy has therefore established notifications in the European Safety Gate alert system. This platform makes it possible to quickly exchange information between the Member States and to withdraw dangerous consumer products present in the European Union.

8 out of 10 toys have been withdrawn from the market and recalled from consumers. For the other 2 products with serious risk, one of the importers went bankrupt and the other removed the product from the market without recalling it to consumers. The FPS Economy has published a ministerial decree for these 2 products stipulating the obligation to recall them.

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The results and the corrective measures imposed illustrate the usefulness of this type of campaign., notes Etienne Mignolet, spokesperson for the FPS Economy. However, parents should be reassured by specifying that the results of this campaign do not reflect the situation of the entire Belgian toy market. During the sampling, toys presumed to be non-compliant were in fact specifically targeted. This does not prevent you from remaining particularly vigilant when buying toys.

As Saint Nicholas Day approaches, the SPF gives some advice: never buy toys without the CE mark, check that small parts cannot come off or become deformed, then be swallowed by young children, read the instructions for use and beware of toys clearly intended for children under three years old, but which carry the warning “Not suitable for children under three years”.

Finally, it is necessary to check whether the address of the manufacturer or the importer appears on the packaging and to buy the toys in stores and on webshops of confidence are also good ideas, underlines again the SPF Economy.

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