Viih Tube explains make-out phase and reveals

At the age of 31, the actress Bianca Bin It owns a unique and differentiated beauty. Far from the soap operas TV Globo, she garnered praise by sharing a sequence of photos with lingerie that highlighted her sensuality.

In home records, the protagonist of The Other Side of Paradise appears with a towel on his head, and impresses by displaying a very dry and defined belly. “Good night”, she wished in the caption.

“Damn, I didn’t expect those shots, what a kitten”, praised a young man. “The perfection of my life,” said the second person. “Wow, what a perfect thing,” added the third.

Romance with Giza

Sergio Guize recently shone in the second season of secret truths, but for that, he had to leave Bianca Bin, in the interior of São Paulo, to record the plot in Rio de Janeiro. In conversation with the newspaper Extra, he said he was scared at first.

“I’ve been in Rio for almost six months. At first, it was really scary. I hadn’t seen so many people in a long time. This, psychologically, is not easy. But we trust. In all these years working at Globo, I was always very well supported. So that gave me a relief. I knew I wasn’t going to be stolen, I knew I had a safe harbor,” he said.

Subsequently, he he said that his beloved is a gift in his life; “She is a real gift. The biggest event of my life after the theater. A great partner at this time of a pandemic”, he said.

Against the government

With no tongue in cheek, Bianca often posts on social media posts against the current government. In a chat with Patrícia Kogut, she revealed that it was revolting to follow the neglect of President Bolsonaro amid the deaths in Brazil, due to Covid-19.

“It is really very revolting and an immeasurable sadness to witness the neglect of this mismanagement in the face of a devastating pandemic. But for our very survival, we’re having to focus on the glass half full, if you can call it that. I am learning, like all Brazilian people, to believe in better days and to live day after day. Doing my self-observation and looking for a better version daily. Because change only happens from the inside out. The path of self-knowledge, for me, is the only one capable of promoting significant changes”, he said.

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