Bible for the 21st century is finished, but this one will also provoke discussion

Examples of changes in the new edition:

NBV (2004): Wine makes you a spotter, drink makes you a brawler.

NIV21: Wine makes you a mocker, beer makes you a brawler.

Archaeological research has now revealed that beer was also drunk in Israel at that time. In the explanation, the NBG writes that the Hebrew word sheechaar is found in the Bible, which is derived from the Akkadian word shikaru which means (barley) beer. In the Bible, this was usually translated “drink,” but, the translators conclude, “beer” is more obvious.

NBV (2004) : Scops owl and porcupine take possession of it, raven and long-eared owl will live there.

NIV21: Squirrel owl and bittern will take possession of it, raven and long-eared owl will dwell there.

It is possible to guess which animal is meant exactly. In the end it was decided to change it into ‘bitter’, a bird. Bird experts with knowledge of Hebrew found the bittern more plausible than the porcupine.

There are many stories about Jesus in the Bible. In the NIV (2004) Jesus sometimes wears a cloak, then again a robe or robe. In the NBV21 a word has now been chosen, namely cloak.

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