Bice lowered the rates of its export credits for SMEs and large companies

Jose Ignacio de Mendiguren, President of BICE, referred to the initiative adopted by the bank with the support of the Ministry of Productive Development: “Exports have been growing steadily. Between January and August they exceeded US $ 50,000 million, the highest value since 2013, driven not only by prices but also by quantities, and in particular by manufactures of industrial origin. This is the way, to export products with added value, generating dollars for the country ”.


Guillermo Merediz, secretary of Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, expressed: “From the Ministry of Productive Development we promote all the measures that are necessary to promote the export development of our small and medium-sized companies: financing, training, technical assistance and promotion are vital tools for more Argentine SMEs to sell to the world”

The long-term export financing line or “forfaiting” was lowered by 3 percentage points and has a rate in u $ d of between 4% and 5% depending on the term of the loan. For MOI (Manufactures of Industrial Origin), MOA (Manufactures of Agricultural Origin), capital goods and services the maximum amount is US $ 6 million and for industrial plants and turnkey projects it is US $ 10 million.

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