Biel shared with fans a trouble he faced alongside his girlfriend, Tays Reis, during a dinner at Terraço Itália, a luxurious restaurant in São Paulo, last night.

“I wanted to bring Tays to dinner at a place I’ve always wanted to go to, I’ve always wanted to bring her and I’m really crazy that she has to wear fine sports. I came in a blazer and took it off because it was hot,” he began, in a sequence of Stories on Instagram.

The establishment, according to Biel, requires customers to wear fine sportswear. “They asked me to put my blazer back on or leave the establishment, and there was even a woman in a dress with a strap, showing a lot more skin than I did. The manager said that I was different. Why? Because of the tattoo what do I have in both closed arms?”, he fired.

The singer then left the restaurant, visibly disappointed. “I’ve never been so humiliated in my life, straight up. I took off my blazer with heat and was sent away. For God’s sake.”

wanted by Splash via the press office, Alberto Cestrone, manager of Terraço Itália, said that the restaurant regrets what happened, but that the singer only wore a tank top under his blazer, which “does not meet the requirements for everyone who wants to have an experience in the local.”

In the reservation service, the restaurant displays the following message: “We suggest fine casual wear or full tour. Shorts, tank tops and slippers are not allowed.”

We regret what happened with the singer Biel, who did not attend yesterday, September 13, at dinner time, the necessary requirements to stay at the Itália Terrace. We share in our reservations information about the dress code required for those who wish to attend the restaurant. Our team politely asked the customer to wear the blazer, as the regatta alone does not meet the requirements for everyone who wants to have an experience at the site, but he refused to act in an inelegant way with our employees. And he was not expelled, came out of its own volition. say the note

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