Big Brother contestant cries when he sees dog in reality and can’t touch him

Have you ever thought about being confined in Big Brother and the animal you are the guardian of appears by surprise in reality, but you can’t touch it? This premise is real and happened in the Dutch edition of the show.

In a video that went viral on social networks, it is possible to see a reality show participant bursting into tears after receiving a “visit” from her dog during a dynamic.

When the “Big Boss” command tells the Brothers and Sisters that the dynamic has started, they have to remain frozen waiting for someone they know to enter the house to interact with them, while the participants must remain motionless.

Jolien was chosen at the time for the dynamic and saw the dog enter the reality show. The animal even goes up to her, the sister gets scared when she sees him, but continues within the dynamic.

After the dog leaves the Big Brother house, Jolien breaks down in tears and is supported by her confinement colleagues. The dynamic was necessary for them to get unlimited hot water for the week.

See the video:

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