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Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly will definitely not be in January. This was reported to Izvestia in the Kremlin press service… Parliamentary sources admit that it could take place in February. Deputies expect from the head of state new social and economic tasks for the development of Russia, as well as for strengthening defense and updating the international agenda… Experts believe that the date of the message will depend on the development of the situation related to the spread of the new COVID-19 Omicron strain. Given the state of affairs with the virus in the United States, as well as in European countries, Vladimir Putin’s appeal can be addressed not only to parliamentarians, but also to all Russians.

Main thread

Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly may be read out after January. Izvestia was informed about this in the Kremlin press service with reference to the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

There will definitely not be a message in January. We do not comment on the topics of the message, – the press service specified..

Earlier Dmitry Peskov reported that the conceptual preparation of the text of the message began in December, and its announcement will take place at the beginning of the year.

“Substantively, we still have to work on the basis of the text. And then the president will refine it himself, as always, ”said Dmitry Peskov.

A source of Izvestia in parliament admits that Vladimir Putin’s address to the State Duma deputies and senators may take place in February… Whether it will be held in full-time format, as in 2021, is still unknown.

Photo: Izvestia / Dmitry Korotaev

The deputy chairman of the United Russia faction, Adalbi Shkhagoshev, believes that the forthcoming message will retain a social character.

– In this sense very interesting offers can be expected. The main thread in it, most likely, will be the development of the country’s internal reserves. This applies to the development of industry, strengthening economic potential, social policy… And not only in the context of the consequences of the fight against the pandemic, but also of the response to sanctions – Russia has already shown that it can defend its sovereignty. It is also obvious that the message will focus on the international agenda: the latest events in Kazakhstan, the talks between Moscow and Washington, the Russia-NATO Council and the OSCE… Their outcome will determine how the Russian Federation will build its foreign policy. The president can also say this, ”the parliamentarian told Izvestia.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democratic Party also admitted that the message will be read out before the onset of spring.

It can be assumed that this appeal of Vladimir Putin to parliament will take place in the winter. If we analyze the previous messages, we can conclude that issues related to domestic, social policy, demography, new frontiers of development of various sectors of the economy will be raised… The tasks of combating the pandemic and the spread of the new strain will certainly be set, ”Yaroslav Nilov, deputy chairman of the LDPR faction, told Izvestia.

Photo: REUTERS / Denis Balibouse

According to him, the president will certainly touch upon the international situation: this is the situation that suddenly arose in Kazakhstan, and negotiations with the United States.

The Communist Party expects from Vladimir Putin answers to geopolitical challenges and solutions to socially significant issues.

We expect that the message about the need to strengthen the state will be announced: in the economic, scientific, and social spheres.– said to “Izvestia” the head of the press service of the Communist Party, State Duma deputy Alexander Yushchenko. – We expect that the topic of indexation of pensions, an increase in the minimum wage and an increase in wages will be sounded. That is, we expect that the message will be social, aimed at solving the problems of the population.

The first deputy chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” Oleg Nilov believes that the pandemic will remain one of the main themes of the message this year.

More precisely, not a pandemic, but its catastrophic consequences. In my opinion, the decisions made by the authorities in this direction are still insufficient.… This is the implementation of social programs, for example, for the rehabilitation of those who have had covid disease, and other solutions. Russia needs a social breakthrough, ”the parliamentarian said in a conversation with Izvestia.

Photo: Izvestia / Pavel Bednyakov

The head of the faction and leader of the New People party, Alexei Nechaev, believes that the president will outline his vision on all strategic issues on the agenda and pay attention to Russia’s place in the modern world, relations with the West, the situation in the post-Soviet space.

– The most important thing today is the development of the economy, the increase in people’s incomes, and the fight against poverty. We are sure that the president is worried about these issues, and he will talk about it. Now the government is proposing to regulate prices, but we hope that the topic of how to increase revenues will be raised.… Vladimir Putin has already set the task to significantly increase the number of small businesses, but we see that they are closing. Decisive measures are needed, the politician is convinced.

According to him, the president will also talk about the development of health care and education. Aleksey Nechaev is convinced that these are areas that concern everyone, determine the quality of life of people, the future of the country.

Help “Izvestia”

The President’s message does not have a fixed date. In 2021, Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly in April. Then the head of state ordered to make a number of social payments: to needy pregnant women, families with school-age children, as well as children from eight to 16 years old living in single-parent families. A year before that, in 2020, the message passed almost immediately after the New Year holidays; on January 15, the head of state proposed to amend the Constitution. After the speech, the government resigned, and the post of prime minister was offered to Mikhail Mishustin.

Pandemic factor

Experts admit that the day of the message can be chosen depending on the development of the situation with the spread of the new Omicron strain… Based on how things are with the virus in the United States, as well as in European countries, it is possible that Vladimir Putin’s appeal can be addressed not only to parliamentarians, but also to all Russians.

Pandemic is perhaps the main factor in determining the date. After all, both new restrictions and serious economic losses are possible, which will require assistance to business and the population.… I believe that now the Kremlin has several ready-made blocks of the text of the message, but which ones will be included in the final text will depend on the situation, ”political strategist Dmitry Fetisov told Izvestia.

According to him, of course, the message will touch upon the international agenda, the topic of the post-Soviet space, relations with the West will be discussed.

The head of the Political Expert Group, Konstantin Kalachev, is confident that a significant part of the message will concern social support measures.

Photo: Izvestia / Zurab Javakhadze

As usual, most of his speech will be devoted to the development of the country, demography and measures of social support for citizens, regular payments to privileged categories of citizens, new measures to support large families, indexation of pensions, curbing price increases, – the expert considers.

In his opinion, given the ongoing pandemic, additional measures to support small and medium-sized businesses can also be expected.

– The topic of material incentives for physicians who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus should also not be ignored. Surely the president will also say about domestic tourism, summer vacations for children, health improvement of the nation through accessible sports. Narodosbereženie – the dominant of all the last sentth, – emphasized Konstantin Kalachev.

The head of APEC Dmitry Orlov considers it logical if the president gave in his message a clear and tough answer to three challenges: Russia’s security, inequality (in a broad definition – from social to regional) and the unity of power… In his opinion, this answer can be conceptual, indicating Russia’s strategy in these areas, and detailed, containing specific actions and decisions.

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